3D Mammography

One in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer and few will disagree that early and accurate diagnosis of breast cancer is key.

Currently, 2D digital mammography is considered the standard of care for detecting breast cancer early. In addition to 2D mammography, Walker Baptist Medical Center now offers 3D mammography, technology to potentially detect cancer even earlier.

What is 3D Mammography?

3D mammography, also know as Digital Breast Tomography, is a new technology that takes images of the breast from different angles, detailing each layer of breast tissue in a 3-dimentional image. This new technology is appropriate for all women as a part of their screening mammogram.

Why is 3D Mammography Beneficial?

3D mammography produces clear, precise images that allow doctors to pinpoint the location of the abnormalities with greater accuracy. The 3D mammogram can also find cancers that hide in dense breast tissue, and can result in fewer false negative studies.

As with standard digital mammography, the radiation exposure remains low, and the time to perform a 3D mammogram is minimal.

Who Should Get a 3D Mammogram?

Mammograms, monthly breast exams and annual exams by your healthcare providers are important in detecting breast changes. 3D mammograms may be beneficial for women with a personal history or high risk of breast cancer, and for women with dense breast tissue.

Insurance Coverage

Not all insurance companies are covering this new technology. Contact your insurance carrier to determine if 3D mammograms are covered.

To schedule an appointment or for questions related to insurance coverage, please call Walker Baptist Medical Center at 205-387-4900.

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